✨ Unlock Your Skin's Radiant Potential ✨


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Are you ready to reveal your most luminous complexion yet? Say goodbye to congested, acneic, tired skin and hello to a radiant glow with our exclusive Glow Detox Facial!




✨ What to Expect: ✨

🌿 Deep Cleansing: Purify your pores and banish impurities with our gentle and deep cleansing ultrasonic exfoliator and steam. Say hello to a fresh, clean canvas for your glow-up journey!

🌟 Exfoliation Bliss: Renew and rejuvenate your skin with our luxurious BHA and Charcoal exfoliation mask treatment. Buff away dead skin cells, kill acne causing bacteria to unveil glowing, smooth skin beneath.

🍃 Detox Delight: Let our detoxifying mask, absorb all impurities and draw out toxins and revitalize your skin from within. Say goodbye to congestion and hello to clarity! and hydrate your skin with our ultra-hydrating masks and moisturizers. Restore balance and leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and oh-so-radiant.

✨  Lumifacial Power uses frequencies and wavelengths from four different visible light spectrum to reach the layer where the damaged skin cells lie. The cells are reenergized and repaired. This activity stimulates rapid cellular turnover, smoothing and renewing the skin surface.

It will treat acne beneath the skin, decrease inflammation, kill bacteria, treat pigmentation and visibly minimize the look of pores 



Thermal Ultrasound stimulates blood circulation, oxygenation and aids product penetration to enhance the anti-aging with firming and tightening results.


Glow Detox Facial Special includes :

  • Steam deep cleanse 
  • Hot Towel 
  • BHA & Charcoal Exfoliating Mask
  • Ultrasonic Exfoliator
  • Extractions
  • High Frequency 
  • Kansa wand facial massage (detox and contouring)
  • Lumifacial (Mini Session)
  • Detox serum
  • Scalp, Hand & arm massage


Complimentary Skin Analysis and Consultation.

Reiki healing is NOT included! 

Services that are already at discounted price cannot be combined with an additional discount codes.


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