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Advanced Medical Facials

Complimentary Photo Skin Analysis and Lifestyle Consultation on your first treatment.   All facials are completely personalized and cater to your needs.

Add Ons Available

Boosters  $20

Plumping Lip Treatment $40/20 min

Eye Rejuvenation  $40/ 20 min

Chemical Peel $60/15 min

Lumi Light Therapy LED $60/20 min

Oxygen Infusion $60/20 min

Dermaplaning $60/20 min 


1.  Chemical Peel 20% $165/60 min

Chemical Peel

This is a mini chemical peel facial that will give you a deep cleanse, control breakouts , minimize the look of pores, smooth away lines and give you an instant glow by using 15% -20% (glycolic acid, salicylic acid, mandelic acid) all depending on the skin type!
Skin won’t peel!  No steam!
Includes: Deep cleanse, acid peel 20% medical grade, extractions, high frequency, warm towels, hydro jelly mask and crystal roller massage. 

Perfect for all skin types. " Not recommended for pregnant women"
Booster available for $20


2.  Ultimate Chemical Peel 40% $250/30 min



Get rid of existing acne scaring, pigmentation, smooth away fine line, wrinkles and just complete skin rejuvenation with our blemish control BHA or anti-aging chemical peel AHA at 40% . No extractions included.

Deep Cleanse and hydrating mask included. This is more of an intense treatment, peeling will not occur.

A series of 3-6 treatments is recommended for best results. Not recommended for pregnant women.

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3. Glam Facial LED  $150/ 75 min

Vacuum suction Glam Facial Face-lift

Our newest Facial, is great for those who are looking to look instant face-lift, no pain!

This facial includes steam, exfoliation, vacuum therapy (cleanses pores & instant face lift) and contour face to look youthful again. LED light therapy (not full lumifacial) and kansa lift anti-aging massage, mask. Provides for long lasting face-lift results.

Great for dull skin, aging, premature aging and oily skin. Not recommend for rosacea skin, anyone with fillers or botox.

Booster available for $20

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4. Hydrafacial Classic $199/60 min

Hydrafacial Hydrating Facial

Get a deep cleanse, exfoliation and hydration all in one treatment.
A personalized active hydra facial solution is used to deliver results. This popular facial is great for all skin types.

This facial includes: Hot Towel, HydraFacial (exfoliation, extraction, hydration), high frequency, Kansa Massage and Hydro Jelly Mask.

Booster available for $20
LED Light Add on available for $60
Acne, Brightening and Anti-aging 
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5. Microdermabrasion $165/ 60 min


An exfoliation and skin rejuvenation procedure that uses tiny micro-crystals and suction which helps to instantly brightened the skin, smooth away fine lines wrinkles, smooth the appearance of pores and post acne scaring.
It includes deep cleanse, relaxing hot towel, essential oils, extractions, arm massage and Hydro jelly mask. ( No steam)
Good for most skin types and pregnancy, except those with rosacea.
Booster available for $20

6. Dermaplanning $165/60 min


Then look no further! Dermaplanning has become of the most request treatment, delivering fast results with no downtime. It uses a surgical blade to remove dead cells on the surface of the skin and vellus hair, revealing a brighter smoother  complexion.
Deep cleansing brush, hot towel steam, dermaplaning, hydro jelly mask, signature neck and face massage. No extractions
Booster available for $20
Extractions available for $15


7. Fire and Ice Facial ( New Trending) $200/ 75 min

Fire and Ice Facial

Amazing Advanced Anti-aging Treatment will have your skin looking firmer, hydrated and totally rejuvenated. So relaxing!

The ultrasonic waves with heat will increase blood circulation, muscle relaxation while the cold hammer will infuse extreme cold to firm and tighten the skin, stimulate cellular repair.

It includes: Deep cleansing, steam, hot towel, ultrasonic exfoliator, high frequency, ultrasound heat electrode, ice cold electrodes and Collagen mask. Not recommended for rosacea! 

Extractions available for $15

Booster available for $20

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8. RadioFrequency Facial (includes LED) $200/75 min

Radio Frequency Facial RF Treatment

Achieve an youthful look with our skin tightening treatment RadioFrequency Facial. Get a visible lift, no down time and no needles.
This is a permanent accumulative treatment to keep you looking rejuvenated.

This facial include: Cleansing brush, steam, hot towel treatment, exfoliation, booster included,  radio frequency, LED Lumi panel therapy (20 min) and Collagen Mask.
Extractions available for $15

Booster available for $20 

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9. Lumifacial " Photorejuvenation" $230/ 90 min 

Lumifacial Photorejuvenation

 Featured on OPRAH and the Today Show! ~ Lumi-Facial (Face, Neck & Cleavage) Lumi-Facial LED light therapy consists of four programmed treatments for acne, pigmentation and sun damage, anti-aging and rosacea or redness.

It is a non-invasive treatment, extremely relaxing and delivers results after one treatment.
It includes steam, relaxing warm towels, ultrasonic deep exfoliator to deep cleanse the pores, Lumifacial Photo-rejuvenation, high frequency machine and micro current electrodes to smooth away lines. No extractions, No Mask
 Lumifacial is bigger, more powerful and exclusive to Glow By Ive and in Cosmetic Surgeons Office.
Booster available for $20
Anti-aging SKIN ACCENT Mask available for $20 


10. Lumi-lift Non-surgical Face-lift - $280/90 min

Non-surgical face-lift Lumi-Lift

The nonsurgical facelift with LumiLift® is a complete rejuvenating procedure designed to restore your facial features to their previous youthful appearance.

This nonsurgical facelift maximizes the synergy that occurs when photobiostimulation, impulse micro-currents and ultrasound waves are applied consecutively in the same treatment session.

Layering multiple technologies within one treatment session provides advanced lifting solutions to fight the aging process at the Epidermis.

 It also includes  steam, relaxing hot towels, essential oils, high frequency machine, Lumifacial Photorejuvenation, Lumilift electrodes, and massage.

Booster available for $20
Anti-aging SKIN ACCENT Mask available for $20 


11. Glow Deluxe " Microdermabrasion & Lumifacial" $300/2 hrs

Microdermabrasion and Lumifacial LED Therapy

This  is an ultimate treatment using the most powerful anti-aging technologies,  microdermabrasion and powerful LED Light therapy with the micronized electrodes to achieve the most dramatic results.

Perfect for those who suffer pigmentation, sun damage, large pores, acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines. This treatment includes relaxing hot towels, microdermabrasion, extractions, high frequency machine, antioxidant gel, Lumifacial and arm massage. (It does not include Mask)
Booster available for $20
Anti-aging SKIN ACCENT Mask available for $20 

12. Elite Glow " Dermaplaning, Lumifacial and Lumi-Lift" $350/ 2hrs

Elite Glow Dermaplaning Lumilift Lumifacial Facelift

Also called the fountain of youth, for a brighter, firmer tighter, smooth skin that will be glowing for weeks on end. Remove dead skin, velds hair, and boost even more your skin with the power of LED Lights, HF currents and micronized electrodes for a full transformation.
It includes steam, deep cleanse, relaxing hot towels, essential oils, high frequency, dermaplanning, arm massage, antioxidant gel, Lumifacial and Lumi-lift.
Booster available for $20
Anti-aging SKIN ACCENT  Mask available for $20 

Holistic & Classic Facials


 Experience the combination of classic facials and inner healing with my ancient therapeutic techniques. Using ancient tools and modern tools for a ultimate soul, mind and body connection. 


OM Healing Facial + LED Facial $169.99/90 min FACIAL PROMO

OM facial

In our New Signature Enhancing Glow we use ancient beauty methods such as crystals, crystal roller, kansa tool for a natural facelift, hot towels, aromatherapy and sound therapy using singing bowls for a true divine healing experience. Boosted with our Powerful Anti-aging Lumifacial Photorejuvation for a visible long lasting results.

Our OM Facial provides with the most natural ancient form of non-surgical lift, promoting blood circulation, lymphatic drainage but remove inner blockages and balancing of the chakras. Where Zen meets Glow!

No extraction.


Golden Goddess Facial $130/60 min

Golden Goddess Facial

Indulge in a luxurious treatment fit for a " Queen" with the boost of our collagen gold mask and crystal roller to increase maximum hydration, firming and plumping effect that will leave you glowing for days...

This Facial treatment is perfect for all skin types. It will leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated and radiant!

It includes steam, relaxing hot towel, essential oils, extraction, high frequency machine, massage, crystal roller and  Collagen 24k Gold Face Mask.


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Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing Facial -$130/ 60 min

Ultrasonic deep cleanser

This purifying, detoxifying treatment is great for those who suffer acne, oily or combination skin that feels congested. Incorporates ultrasonic sound waves vibrating 28,000 vibrations per second to remove all impurities off the skin.

We combined the use of steam, hot towels, essential oils, extraction, high frequency machine, rubberizing mask and sound therapy for deep relaxation. Leaving your skin hydrated and smooth!

Skin will feel noticeably smoother, hydrated and matte!



Oxygen Infused Facial + Anti-aging Booster - $165/60 minutes



Holistic Massage (Non RMT)

Enter a world of deep relaxation with our holistic massage therapy. We use only the best organic Jojoba oil and aloe vera oil which absorbs best in the skin and mimics our own oils. Bamboo sheets for smooth comfort and a relaxing hot towel treatment. (Insurance receipts are NOT provide it)

Swedish Massage (Non RMT)

Swedish Massage

 Most popular massage technique for relaxation, relieves tension, insomnia, arthritis and anxiety. Organic Jojoba Oil and Aloe vera oil.

60 minutes ($100)
90 minutes ($145)


Aromatherapy Massage (Non RMT)

Aromatherapy Massage

 Ultimate relaxation using therapeutic HIGH GRADE essential oils that decrease stress, muscle tension and fibromalaysia blends are personalized. With the light strokes of Swedish Massage for a divine experience.

60 minutes ($115)
90 minutes ($165)


Hot Stone Massage (Non RMT)

Hot Stone Massage

 Amazing for muscle aches and complete relaxation. Hot Stone Massage offers the warmth of the volcanic stones and light Swedish massage strokes. Great for those with muscle aches and knots.

60 minutes ($145)

90 minutes ($210)


Deep Tissue Massage (Non RMT)

Deep Tissue

 Deep Tissue - Great for muscle aches, stiffness and knots using my own special technique. 


30 minutes ($70)

60 minutes ($150)

90 minutes ($220) 


OM Massage "Divine Healing" (Non RMT)

Reiki Massage

Dive deep into an unforgettable grouding experience with ancient holistic therapy from head to toes.

We use the power of singing bowl therapy to help you cleanse energy blockages , personalized blend of essentials oils all while detoxifying the body with kansa wand.

Then crystal roller is used for soothing, calming experience and the healing power of crystals for an amazing body, mind and soul connection.

75 minutes ($165)


Reiki Healing Massage

Reiki Therapy 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces and anxiety through gentle touch. Reiki practitioners use their hands to deliver energy to your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing.

Mikao Usui developed reiki in the early 1900s, deriving the term from the Japanese words rei, meaning “universal,” and ki, which refers to the vital life force energy that flows through all living things

Reiki aids in healing by helping people become energetically balanced: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

reiki healing

How does reiki work?

Reiki practitioners act as a conduit between you and the source of the universal life force energy. The energy flows through the practitioner’s hands to you in order to balance and self heal.


  • Reduce stress 
  • Breaks down energy blockages
  • Improves focus
  • Relief headaches and muscle tension
  • Accelerates body self healing
  • Emotional cleanse
  • Helps spiritual growth


Reiki Sessions 

30 Min/$70


OM Massage 

Dive deep into an unforgettable grouding experience with ancient holistic therapy from head to toes. We use the power of singing bowl therapy to help you cleanse energy blockages. We use a personalized blend of essentials oils and relaxing massage therapy,  while detoxifying the body with kansa tool to activate the chakras and calming experience and the healing power of crystals for an amazing body, mind and soul connection.


What is Lumifacial and Lumilift


Lumifacial and Lumi-lift Soli-Tone


The Revolutionary machine behind LUMIFACIAL AND LUMI-LIFT

The Soli-tone is the gold standard when it comes to regenerating and repairing the various layers of skin, the underlying muscle structure and dealing with other skin related problems. A revolutionary system that combines multiple technologies for a complete, fast, powerful and non-invasive response for all skin conditions.


Lumifacial Solitone Glow by Ive Toronto Spa


What is a LUMIFACIAL ?

LumiFacial combines photo-modulation with pure spectrum wavelengths to treat acne, hyper-pigmentation, redness, and photo-aging.


What makes LUMIFACIAL different than others Regular LED Light Facials?

Soli-Tone is powered by extreme Super-Luminous LEDs which are more powerful, higher quality light source than regular LEDs. Each visible color is applied by pure narrow band ESLDs. With four hundred (400) ESLDs, the Soli-Tone is the most efficient and powerful unity available today.

It has a sophisticated design, integrating a fully adjustable ergonomic wrap around facial panel with the powerful action of 400 Extreme super-Luminous LEDs.

The pulsate RED light at a wavelength of 640 nanometers and use high power density to stimulate light absorbing photo-receptors in the skin to induce a cellular response.

Pulsed red light triggers a wave of energy that stimulates the fibroblasts cell functions and repair mechanisms. 

Provides instant results after 1 treatment!


Is Lumifacial an invasive treatment?

No, Extreme Super-Luminous LEDs are noninvasive, pure polarized narrow band frequencies that are safer than natural sunlight because there are no harmful UV rays

.While the ESLDs are at work, the Soli-Tone transmits Micronized currents through the lifting electrodes. Harmonizing with the natural bioelectrical currents found in the body, they reconstruct or re-educate muscle tissue, achieving visble lifting results, restoring facial contour, and slowing the aging process. The easy-to-use computerized settings precisely deliver the best parameters for both Micronized currents and Photo-Modulation.


Lumifacial Photofacial Glow By Ive Spa Toronto Facials


Why is light important?

Soli-Tone panel combines the interaction of 400 ESLDs:

  • Blue light at 470 nm (nanometers) improves acne prone skin through its purifying and antibacterial properties.

  • Green light at 525 nm reduces pigmentation by penetrating into the basal layers.

  • Yellow light at 590 nm treats redness and is also used for its soothing, draining and detoxifying properties. Absorbed by the body fluids, it improves the lymph and blood circulatory system.

  • Red light at 640 nm increases collagen production fivefold in the skin, triggering repair mechanisms and stimulating fibroblast cells and cell growth.

    Each color is photo-modulated, in a pulsed or constant mode, insuring specific focus and delivery of the correct light at the location of the problem. After treatment, the unit shuts off by itself, freeing the operator to provide other services for the clients.

How long do results last?

Results are immediate after 1 session and last up to 3 months. This treatment is accumulative, for best results a session of 6 is recommended every 4 weeks with results lasting 18 months.


Lumifacial results






Lumilift Non-surgical Facelift Glow By Ive Toronto Spa

What is the LumiLift?

Soli-Tone works from the inside... out
The LumiLift® treatment is a complete photo-rejuvenation procedure that combines the effects of Light energy, Micronized currents and HF Polarized currents to produce skin rejuvenation that is safe, comfortable, and effective.

Aging occurs on three levels: epidermal, dermal, and in the muscle tissue beneath, producing dehydration lines, dull and lifeless complexion, expression wrinkles, deep wrinkles around the lips, frown lines, sagging jowls, and nasolabial fold. Soli-Tone reaches down into all three levels to rejuvenate skin tissue and lift muscles, erasing years... something that light alone cannot do

How does the LumiLift® work?

During treatment, two specially designed lifting electrodes, each with forty (40) powerful Superluminous Diodes (SLDs)—more powerful and of higher quality than regular LEDs—pulsate light at a wavelength of 640 nanometers and use high power density to stimulate light absorbing photo-receptors in the skin to induce a cellular response.

Pulsed red light triggers a wave of energy that stimulates the fibroblasts cell’s to produce more collagen. The increased production of collagen smoothes and softens the appearance of wrinkles, reduces the size of pores, and improves skin texture. At the same time, electrodes emit Micronized currents to tone and lift sagging muscles.

What are Micronized currents?

Micronized currents are non-invasive. They stimulate and resemble the biological currents that your body produces to tighten muscles. Extensive clinical research has shown that these currents are able to lift and tone the muscles.

Superluminous Diodes

Unlike Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Lasers that rely on thermal injuries to prompt the skin to repair itself, Superluminous Diodes are non-invasive, pure, polarized narrowband frequencies that are safer than natural sunlight because there are no harmful UV rays.

While the ESLDs are at work, the Soli-Tone transmits Micronized currents through the lifting electrodes. Harmonizing with the natural bioelectrical currents found in the body, they reconstruct or re-educate muscle tissue, achieving visible lifting results, restoring facial contour, and slowing the aging process. The easy-to-use computerized settings precisely deliver the best parameters for both Micronized currents and photo-energy.

During the last part of the LumiLift® treatment, HF Polarized currents are applied by two smoothing electrodes. The aesthetician uses a gentle, ironing motion to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles.

Pre-programming delivers HF Polarized current at the optimum intensity. The aesthetician simply selects the desired treatment—face, eyes, chest or hands—and the Soli-Tone chooses the right parameters to achieve maximum results for each skin type.


How many treatments will I need?

Generally, 6-10 treatments achieve optimal results, however, age, lifestyle, and skin condition will influence the number of treatments needed.

How long will the effects of the LumiLift procedure last?

Improvements continue for at least three months after a single session. After completing a series, depending on the rate of the aging process, changes can last over one year. A good skin care regimen combined with a monthly maintenance treatment is sufficient to enhance and maintain the result of obtained with the LumiLift treatment.


Fact: Red light stimulates the fibroblasts cell's functions and repair mechanisms.


Fact: Micronized currents reconstruct and re-educate muscle tissue, stretching or tightening as necessary, achieving visible lifting results, restoring facial contour and slowing the aging process.


Fact: HF polarized currents smooth away wrinkles & facilitate product infusion.

simultaneous application of LumiLift and LumiFacial mutually enhances their individual effectiveness, promoting cellular rejuvenation from within 

Lumi-lift non surgical facelift 



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  • Mara B

    This is definitely the best studio in Canada! I love all the different kinds of treatments that you can get here. Ive has the best technology for your skin. She makes sure you get the best experience of your life! I’m beyond grateful for Ive and my progress with my skin. Always so kind and loving.

  • Eddy & Tara

    I love to come in to see Ivette because no matter what treatment it is that she gives , I always feel so relaxed and calm during and way after my visit. She helps me unwind from work during my stay with the meditative atmosphere and is very professional, the best spa experience I’ve experienced so far. And I like that I notice the results.
    I wont go anywhere else.

  • Johnny G

    Had my 2nd massage with Ive and have to say it was fantastic, 5 star service ! Her attention to detail and easy going personality makes the experience so enjoyable . A true master at her craft . I will be going back for sure !!

  • Sreeja S

    I usually don’t write reviews but had to do this one !I had an amazing facial and aromatherapy massage today ! What a wonderful experience and Ive is so good with what she does ! She takes her time, with so much focus and you feel so relaxed and keep wanting for the session to just go on !Definitely going back and would also recommend and refer !

How Glow By Ive was Born

I am "Ive" the owner and founder of Glow By Ive Facial and Massage Studio as well as Glow By Ive Online Boutique.

I am Master Medical Aesthetician, Holistic Massage Therapist, Reiki Healer and Coach with 14 years in the business working for the Top 5 Star Spas in Toronto with high profile clients.

After saw the lack in the industry of incorporating thespiritual, mindful and medical aspect all in one. I decided to create a true relaxing safe space where you can receive massage, holistic healing and medical facial all in one place while achieving visible long results.

This is how Glow By Ive was born...