Studio Services

Indulge into the ultimate relaxation where zen meets glow. Dive deep into a truly divine experience in our private  studio conveniently located in the tranquility of the Etobicoke Creek.


Petite Glow $70/30 min

Golden Goddess Facial $115/60 min

Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing Facial  $115/60 min.

OM Facial "Holistic Facial" $150/75 min

Dermaplaning $135/60 min

Microdermabrasion $135/60 min

Petite Chemical Peel $135/60 min

Lumifacial Photorejuvenation $175/75 min

Lumi-lift Non-Surgical Face-lift $199/90 min

Glow Deluxe Facial $260/2 hours

Elite Glow $280/2 hours
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    We specialize in holistic relaxation massages, holistic energy healing facials, signature facials and advanced medical facials to give you complete rejuvenation for body, mind and soul. 

    Massage Therapy

    Swedish Massage 
    $90/60 min
    $170/120 min
    Aromatherapy Massage 
    $100/60 min
    $150/90 min
    $180/120 min
      Hot Stone Massage 
      $135/60 min
      $170/90 min
        Deep Tissue
        $70/ 30 min
         $135/60 min
        $240/120 minutes
          OM Massage
           $155/75 min
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            Spa Packages 

            Relaxation Package - $210/2 hrs
            60 min. Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing Facial and 60 min. Swedish Massage Therapy 
            Glow Goddess Package - $220/ 2hrs
            60 min. Golden Goddess Facial and 60 min. Aromatherapy Massage.
            OM Package - $270/ 2hrs & 15 min
            75 OM Holistic Facial and 60 min. Hot Stone Massage.

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