5 Skincare Trends NIGHTMARES!

5 Skincare Trends NIGHTMARES!

With social media growing so are the amount of influencers recommending to try some weird false trends that promise to give you an instant cure and achieve perfect skin. So let's get down to the 5 Skincare Trend Nightmares going viral on Social Media.

1. Lemon Juice on face to brighten the skin

I know this trend has been going on as long as the internet was created. But this is a NO NO!!!! The reason why, because lemon is highly acidic and this causes irritation in the skin including severe burns specially on an open wound.
This has been recommended by so many "beauty influencers" as an instant brightening remedy, included to be applied on private areas such as the bikini are which I do not recommend.
If you want to brighten your skin, opt for a salicylic (BHA) and glycolic acid (AHA) peel with at least 10% or higher concentration to get the best results. Make sure to use chemical exfoliants 2-3x a week.
Make sure not to apply sunscreen daily to protect the skin.


2. Derma roller 

I will have to say one of the worst tools out in the beauty market. It is a roller that includes little needles that punctures the surface of the skin to create little wounds to stimulate for the skin to self heal. This is intend to mimic micro needling which is a medical treatment done by a skincare professional in a safe clinic or a medical spa.
The derma roller is not just unsafe but also unhygenic. Once the needles puncture the skin, it leaves an open wound, running a risk not just to get an skin infection but also more subceptible to severe scaring, pigmentation and broken blood vessels with severe permanent damage.
Instead opt for getting micro needling which is a medical procedure done by a licensed professional who uses a sterilized micro needling pen used to puncture the skin to treat scaring acne and wrinkles.
The medical aesthetician will determine the depth of the needle needed depending on the skin type and determine if you are a good candidate for this type of skin procedure. It is an invasive procedure that requires downtime and under the care of a professional.

3. Using Face Oils for all skin types

oil on face
I keep seeing this trends where people place half a bottle of oil on their faces. I am not gonna lie, I scream a bit inside my head especially when the individual has acne and  they are applying face oil which most tend to be clogging mineral oils or comedogenic oils. These influencers are spreading this false information that oil is good for all skin types. Let's begin by acne skin doesn't need more oil as their skin is over producing oil and needs more hydration than more oil. 
Oil over oil only creates clogging, plus using tons of product on your skin is just a waste. Beauty gurus do this for video effect as it draws the viewer but in reality is a waste of product and not useful for acneic skin.
Instead opt for using serums that are water based and have active ingredients such as BHA, AHA, Kojic acid, tartaric acid, hyaluronic acid, probiotics, aloe, etc. 
Face oils I recommend to use on dry, normal and combination skin are jojoba oil, aloe vera oil, grapeseed oil, rice oil and carrot oil.
Oils to stay away from on the face wheat germ oil, marula oil, coconut oil, mineral oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, palm oil, flax oil, olive oil, sesame oil and canola oil.


4. Using Vaseline on skin

vaseline on skin
Something I across recently was a reel where a girl lathered huge amounts of vaseline on her skin, my reaction felt like a mini heart attack to say the least.
I couldn't believe it not only had tens of thousands of likes but down on the comments how many really support her bad tips. The caption mentioned "Marilyn Monroe used vaseline as a skincare". Since the 1950's the famous cold creams where used to remove the heavy amounts of makeup worn at time, since then we have done so many researches and so many scientific advances, which concluded cold creams are not enough neither vaseline.
Vaseline is know as a comedogenic ingredients which coats the surface of the skin, not allowing the pores to breath. It doesn't even moisturize the feet but rather only coats the outer layer of the skin. 
In order for the skin to be able to regenerate, this might come to a shock to you but it NEEDS to receive oxygen and the skin requires active ingredients to strength the skin's barrier. Something  beauty influencers don't know anything about.
The ingredients you need to moisturize your very dry skin are :Ceramides, it moisturizes and locks in moisture, urea which is natural moisturizer made by the body which keeps the skin soft, glycerin traps water and seals moisture, hyaluronic acid gives skin hydration helping to expand and plump the skin, hemp butter, moisturizes & decreases skin inflamation, calendula is an amazing natural ingredient that not only helps to moisturize the skin but also promote healing.
Follow my tips and watch your skin glow!

5. Dermaplane razor Not Dermaplaning 

derma plane razor
This is one of the videos I see the most on my FYP, filled with influencers calling this "Dermaplane and sometimes dermaplaning" This is NOT dermaplaning but a face razor. Back in 2008 the razors where small and sold for shapping the eyebrows now they have made them bigger.
If you see closely the razor is more like a saw. It is not sharp, more dull and went it used on the face it cuts and pulls the hair only. It does not exfoliate the skin as dermaplaning blades. 
They are meant to be used over and over which means they are not sterile. When someone who suffers acne, it only spreads the bacteria and is more susceptible to get in growns and worsen the existing condition.
 Meanwhile in dermaplaning sessions we use a sterile scalpel also known as surgical blade. This blade is very sharp and only for one time use per client. It removes not only the vellus hair but it provides a physical exfoliation.
This is done in a sterile clean environment done by an aesthetician with proper training. During a skin analysis we can determine if dermaplaning is right for you.


Expert Point of View

As an expert in the field with over 15 years as Medical Aesthetician, I can honestly say that most of these influencers are only there, for views. A lot of companies pay them from $5,000 - $20,000 per reel or per TIK TOK to promote a specific company.  Some get a % commission for each sale done through their affiliation.
Most of this "beauty skincare fanatics" I have seen giving the wrong advice and my clients coming to me with serious skin casualties after following the beauty tips but this self proclaimed Beaty experts who don't have any qualifications to give advice as Professional Experts.
So please contact your aesthetician and ask for their feedback before trying these silly trends that can harm you than rather help you.
Written by Ivette Paredes
Medical Aesthetician since 2008
Award Winner as Medical Aesthetician in Toronto
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